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Adding a commercial EV charging system to your car park or gas station in Sydney is a cost-effective way of increasing your business by attracting the growing number of Australians switching to electric cars. If your company provides vehicles for employees, now is the perfect time to invest in updating your fleet to electric vehicles.

Electric cars are pushing this green wave of environmentally-friendly car owners due to the decreasing cost of owning an electric vehicle, longer drive times on a single charge, shorter charging times, and increasing availability of charging stations.

If you are considering switching your company’s fleet of cars to electric and you need a fast and reliable EV charging system, call (02) 8898 0200 today. Learn about the benefits of an electric vehicle charging solution and how it can help your business be more eco-friendly.

Best Commercial EV Charging Stations

EV charging stations are becoming a more cost-effective way of fueling your employees’ or customers’ electric vehicles and show the rest of Australia that you are making a conscious effort to improve the air quality. EVSE Australia provides the best commercial EV charging systems to keep Sydney’s electric cars on the road with a scalable EV charging station solution that you can manage from your computer anywhere in Australia.

Faster Charging Times

EV charging stations can charge your electric car up to ten times faster than the portable charger that comes with your vehicle. Some chargers can add 100+ miles to your car in less than 30 minutes.

Preferred EV Charging System for Most Automotive Makers

Electric car manufacturers such as Tesla, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo, and Volkswagen all offer electric cars compatible with the EVSE charging stations, allowing for faster charge times and increased distance between charges.

Online Monitoring

The cloud-based solution for managing your EV charging stations makes it easy for you to monitor usage per car or person, set promotional billing rates, and allow you to bill per kWh. You can access the software from any location, run reports, monitor user access, and run remote diagnostics on individual stations.

Commercial EV Charging Station Cost

With the rising cost of petrol and the ease of accessing fast EV charging stations across Sydney, it will be more cost-effective the sooner you switch your fleet to electric.

Off-Peak Charging Times

Your fleet of cars typically runs all day long and fills up at night. You can save additional money by setting charge times to only run during off-peak times. The range of most electric cars is more than enough to last an entire day without needing a charge.

You can set specific charge times for those who drive a bit further than the rest and need a little more. Charging your fleet during off-peak times can cost less than $.02/km.

Reduced Maintenance & Repair

Electric cars have fewer moving parts, and the cost of maintaining an electric fleet is considerably less. Electric vehicles do not need oil changes or coolant refills, and there is less wear and tear on the vehicle. On average, maintaining a petrol-fueled car costs between $4.34 – $5.86/km vs. $3.04 – $4.10/km that is costs to maintain an electric car.

When searching for electric vehicle charging solutions, you want a compatible system with most cars, easy to use, cost-effective, and scalable. At Calibre Connect, our EV charging stations are the best in Australia and can help move your company into the future with our EVSE charging systems for your customers or employees.

Commercial EV Charger Installation Near Sydney

When you choose Calibre Connect for your EV charging system solution, you are guaranteed the best service, installation, and products for managing your EV charging stations all over Australia. We promise to provide you with:

  • Standard industry-leading warranty
  • All EV charging systems installations performed by accredited installers
  • Charging stations compatible with every electric vehicle type
  • Industry-leading standard level agreements

EVSE Australia provides top-of-the-line EV charging stations that can charge your electric vehicles in thirty minutes, along with cloud-based monitoring and management. Calibre Connect, Sydney local electrician, is your best solution for installing and maintaining your EV charging stations all over Sydney.

When you are ready to update your company fleet to all-electric or want to add an EV charging station for your customers, call (02) 8898 0200 today and learn how we can help take you into the future.

Popular In Commercial EV Charger Systems & Products

  • Charging Speed – 7kW (50km of driving per hour of charge)
  • Billing Capable via OCPP
  • Smart Phone App via OCPP
  • 240V, 32Amps, Single or 3-phase
  • 22KW EV Charger for EV Vehicles with Type 2 inlets
  • 240V, 32Amps, Single or 3-phase
  • 22KW EV Charger for EV Vehicles with Type 2 inlets
  • Charging Speed – 22kW (120km of driving per hour of charge)
  • Charging Speed – 50 kW (400km of driving per hour of charge)
  • Compatible with all-electric vehicles with DC Capabilities 
  • Charging Speed – 75 kW (600km of driving per hour of charge)
  • Compatible with all-electric vehicles with DC Capabilities 
  • Dual Charging Upgrade 
  • 3m or 6m Cable Option 

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