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Dual Credit Card EV Charger

The EVSE twin high-powered EV credit card system provides a quick, dependable, and future-proof EV charge. Excellent for use in offices, high-traffic commercial settings, and parking lots. The built-in telemetry system on the Level 2 EV charger allows for invoicing updates over the air.


Main Features

  • 240V, 32Amps, single or 3-phase
  • 22KW Dual EV Charger- Simultaneously charge two electric cars.
  • Set your own billing rates
  • Suitable for charging all-electric vehicles in Australia, driver brings there own EV charging cable
  • Warranty- 12 months
  • Indoor and Outdoor
  • Weight- 35kg
  • Fully Compatible Touch Screen
  • Billing by time and kW
  • 8-inch touch screen for advertising
  • Credit cards, prepaid cards & mobile wallets.

Please note* To enable the credit card terminal, this device requires a monthly subscription, which is typical practice. 

Keep in mind that, for your safety, the installation must be completed by a licensed and qualified electrician who is aware with Australian industry regulations and is totally liable for the installation.


Weight 65 kg
KW ---
Amp ---
Warranty ---
Types ---