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An exhaust fan installation is an important device every Sydney home. Exhaust fans help to remove foul smells and airborne contaminants from the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry areas. Exhaust fans also help to prevent the build-up of mould and mildew.

If you live in Sydney, you know that the weather can be pretty humid, which makes installing an exhaust fan in your home even more important.

Calibre Connect is a leading provider of exhaust fan installation services in Sydney. We have a team of experienced and certified electricians who can install an exhaust fan in your home quickly and efficiently.
We understand the importance of having a functional exhaust fan in your home, so we ensure to complete every job carefully. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Bathroom, Kitchen, & Laundy Exhaust Fan Installation

Calibre Connect is the exhaust fan installation expert in Sydney. We can install an exhaust fan in your bathroom to remove shower mist, in your kitchen to remove cooking smells, or your laundry area to control moisture levels.

Installing an exhaust fan is a simple job for our experienced electricians. We will first assess your needs and then recommend the best type of exhaust fan for your home.

Our team will install the exhaust fan according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We will also make sure that the fan has ventilation to the outside of your home.

Once the installation is complete, we will test the fan to ensure it works correctly. We only use high-quality products from leading brands, so you can be sure that your exhaust fan will last for many years.

What Are the Different Types of Bathroom Exhaust Fans?

There are multiple types of bathroom exhaust fans available. However, the kind of fan you need will depend on the size of your bathroom and the level of ventilation you require.

Wall-Mounted Fan

The most common type of bathroom exhaust fan is the wall-mounted fan, which sits on an exterior wall and vents directly to the outside.

Ceiling-Mounted Fan

Another type of bathroom exhaust fan is the ceiling-mounted fan. We place these fans on the ceiling, and they vent outside through a duct system.

Inline Fan

You may want to consider an inline fan if you have a small bathroom. These fans go into the ductwork and connect directly to the outdoor vent.

Shower Fan

A shower fan goes in the shower area and vents outside through a duct system.

Extractor Fan

An extractor fan is the most powerful type of bathroom exhaust fan. It pulls air out of the room and discharges it directly outside. The main advantage of this type of fan is that it quickly removes all traces of moisture and odours from the bathroom.
Calibre Connect can help you choose the best type of exhaust fan for your home. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

How Much Does an Exhaust Fan Installation Cost?

The cost of an exhaust fan installation will depend on the type of fan you choose and the size of your bathroom.

One other factor that will affect the cost is whether or not you are replacing an existing fan or installing a new one. If you are replacing an existing fan, there may be some wiring or other work that needs to be done in order to install the new fan. If you are installing a new fan, the installation will be harder, as you will need to find an appropriate spot for it and you will have to run new wiring to the exhaust fan which can be tricky in some instances.

Calibre Connect offers competitive pricing on all of our services along with free quotes so you can avoid surprises and know how much it will cost to have your fan installed.

Contact us at (02) 8898 0200 to schedule a free consultation for your exhaust fan installation in Sydney. We will be happy to answer any questions you have about our services.

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Many thanks to Calibre Connect team for doing a series of electrical odd jobs around our apartment. The guys were super clean and very careful/considerate to our apartments furnishing. Very much a no stress and high quality experience. Thanks Marc!

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We had Calibre Connect do all of the electrical work associated with our kitchen renovation and we were incredibly pleased with the result! Marc was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process and he worked around our time schedule which was a big help. Honest, hard working, efficient and knowledgeable. We’ll definitely use Calibre Connect for future work. Thank you!