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Electrical Switchboard Upgrades Sydney

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Electrical Switchboard Installation & Replacement

Is it time to consider an electrical switchboard upgrade, Sydney? Speak to Sydney’s top switchboard repairs and replacement team at Calibre Connect today. Find out how we can help you boost the power production in your Sydney home or business.

Modern living requires far more electricity than a few decades ago, and almost every item that we find indispensable runs on power. Food processors, heaters, cooktops, and games consoles line the shelves with many other appliances, and each of these items wants a cut of your home’s power supply.

As we add devices to the list, we need to tweak our home’s power-drawing capabilities with alternatives that don’t cost as much. A complete electrical switchboard replacement might even be necessary to ensure your home and family’s safety.


Safe Switchboards in Sydney

Electrical accidents with outdated boards happen in an instant. It takes one overloaded circuit not tripping to start a dangerous electrical fire, not to mention how inefficient an older system becomes as it degrades.

Upgrading the circuits in the switchboard allows your home to distribute power more effectively. It also ensures that your devices receive the electricity they need to run at optimal levels without overloading the circuits.

Manufacturers consistently work on new safety features to ensure these boards meet the highest safety requirements. Government regulators also insist on new safety measures within building codes to ensure the utmost efficiency and safe usage.

Signs That You Need A New Electrical Switchboard

In older homes, switchboards are often unable to cope with the sheer volume of electrical devices. These switchboards were born in a world with no computers, TVs, laptops, or mobile phones, so it is unsurprising that the critical role of the fuse box was overlooked in early installations.

If your switchboard is the one that came with the original house, it may be time to upgrade it—look for these signs:

  • Appliances unable to run at full strength, even when these are functional or new
  • Inability to use all your devices simultaneously without tripping the lights
  • No safety switch on the board
  • Lights flicker, brighten, and dim regularly
  • Fuses in the meter box are ceramic

If you can’t remember the last time a qualified electrician checked the fuses, call our Sydney Electricians today.


Electrician For Switchboard Repairs

Online DIY videos often explain how simple it is to do your own electrical repairs, but as experienced professionals, we tend to disagree. The concept may apply to changing a plug or washer, but when it comes to the fuse box and other dangerous work, we strongly recommend calling in our experienced team. You’re dealing with live electricity and could get yourself killed.

Aside from physical danger, there’s also the risk of causing severe damage to the system. Wiring two points together incorrectly leads to a weak link and potential hot spots. You might accidentally burn your home down or face expensive repairs due to an electrical defect notice.

Electrical repairs should remain with trusted professionals like Calibre Connect. Our experienced team knows the building codes back to the front, and we deliver high-quality work and the highest safety standards.

Give us a call today and find out how we can safely bring your home into the new millennium with an electrical switchboard upgrade, Sydney.



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Kurt Sfiligoi


Marc and his team always do a fantastic job. They are unafraid to give you straight answers and recommend options, allowing you to have complete confidence that they are thinking about all possible outcomes. Work is done efficiently and effectively, with an outstanding final product. I will not hesitate to use Calibre Connect again in the future!
Maxim Consalvi


Many thanks to Calibre Connect team for doing a series of electrical odd jobs around our apartment. The guys were super clean and very careful/considerate to our apartments furnishing. Very much a no stress and high quality experience. Thanks Marc!

Elise Giallonardo


We had Calibre Connect do all of the electrical work associated with our kitchen renovation and we were incredibly pleased with the result! Marc was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process and he worked around our time schedule which was a big help. Honest, hard working, efficient and knowledgeable. We’ll definitely use Calibre Connect for future work. Thank you!