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In a fire, every second counts. Smoke quickly overwhelms, long before you’ve seen any flames, and smoke detector installation saves lives.

Expert Smoke Detector Installations

The team at Calibre Connect are experts in the field, assisting you with the correct placement and proper installation of these life-saving devices. Our team ensures that every smoke detector installation is perfect, safeguarding your residential or commercial property. We look for the optimal placement points to cover your entire property and ensure that you have plenty of warning.

Our Sydney Master Electricians also make sure that the smoke alarm meets the National Fire Alarm and Signalling Code. 


Smoke Alarm Installation Cost

If you have wondered about the cost of installing a fire alarm, the devices are reasonably inexpensive. Without professional help, however, it becomes difficult to know where to put each device for optimal coverage of your property.

The regulations state that homes or businesses must install smoke alarms:

  • On each floor
  • Outside each bedroom
  • So that you can hear the sound from anywhere in the building
  • Considering hard-of-hearing family members with flashing lights
  • In a sheltered area to reduce interference from windows or air conditioners

A three-bedroomed home with a basement floor would likely need around four detectors to comply.


The Type of Smoke Alarm Influences Cost

Smoke alarms in Australia are commonly one of two options:

  • Ionization
  • Photoelectric

Ionization Alarms

These types work best when there are flames. It won’t detect a small ember that’s smouldering.

Ionization devices contain bits of radioactive material, set between two plates in a small internal chamber. When the electrical charge runs through the plates, it produces ions. If smoke enters the section, it disrupts this ionic flow, and the alarm sounds to warn of a fire.

Photoelectric Alarms

If you have some cash to spare, photoelectric alarms are worth the extra expense. These alarms are far more sensitive than the previous type.

The alarms work by emitting an LED beam across a room, and the alarm goes off as smoke breaks the shaft.

The advantage of the photoelectric smoke detector is that it can detect a tiny wisp of smoke, and the government recommends that all Australians consider this option.

Testing Your Smoke Detectors Adds a Little to the Cost

It’s essential to check these devices at least once a month for malfunctioning. Considering what’s at risk, you don’t want to be caught out by a loose connection or a flat battery. Peruse the owner’s manual for advice on how to perform these checks.

Property owners should change the batteries every six months to be on the safe side. Call in our Calibre Connect professionals for a safety check at the same time to improve your level of protection. We’ll perform a thorough maintenance visit for you every quarter, six months, or year.

Smoke Detectors And Fire Alarms With Calibre Connect

Call Calibre Connect, and we’ll help you protect your home, family, and employees. Chat to our team about scheduling your free evaluation visit and receive your quote today.


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