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Tritium PKM150 DC Fast Charger | 150 kW

The PKM150, a novel modular and scalable direct current (DC) rapid charging system from Tritium, is now available. It is intended to enable more economical operations and infrastructure development. The PKM150 is the first charger in the PKM family and the first charger to support Tritium’s shared power system, which is intended to save customers’ capital expenditures while maintaining a high level of charger availability and power output to EVs.

Tritium PKM150 DC Fast Charger 150kW-main-photo

Size Today, Scale Tomorrow

  • Industry first DC microgrid design, creating a pool of shared power for the system’s chargers to access.
  • Exceed grid limits, by leveraging the pool of shared power to deliver higher charger availability and power output, with minimal capital investment.
  • Field-proven modular components for world-class reliability and serviceability.