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Outfitting your home or business with strategically placed powerpoints, switches, and dimmers can drastically improve the way you enjoy your space. Whether it is the ability to plug devices into a power outlet wherever you need or change your room’s lighting to suit the mood, having that flexibility is priceless. At Calibre Connect, we provide powerpoint installation in Sydney at an affordable price without compromising quality and safety.

Powerpoint Installation Repairs & Replacement

Have you ever run into a situation when a power outlet is not within reach, and you cannot plug in your phone or laptop to charge? A go-to solution is to use an extension cord to provide an extra powerpoint for all of your devices. Not only is this aesthetically unpleasing and creates unnecessary clutter, but it also represents a potential fire hazard.

We can help you plan and install quality powerpoints throughout your home or office—no need for messy cables or dangerous leads. Just power outlets from reputable manufacturers installed anywhere you need them. You will never have to reach for that extension cord again.


Light Switch Installation Repairs & Replacement

Having light switches located at convenient and intuitive places is one of the easiest ways to improve a space’s aesthetics and functionality. Our Sydney electricians and contractors are the experts with light switch installation and light switch repairs in Sydney. Nothing is more annoying than reaching for a light switch and not finding it where you’d expect. It is a small but rather significant quirk that can make a space feel unusable.

At the same time, switches suffer a lot of daily wear and tear and often need replacement. That’s why we offer same-day switch replacement and switch installation for our customers in the Sydney area. Our technician is just a phone call away from your location.

Dimmer Installation Repairs & Replacement

Dimmer switches are ideal for changing the way a room looks or feels with a single touch. Light plays an essential role in how our living and working spaces look and what kind of energy they give off. Dimmers control your light fixtures’ brightness and can affect how much light is in the room at any time. They can also save energy by lowering the power consumption of lighting fixtures when you decrease the brightness.

Poorly made dimmers can be sensitive and even cause lightbulbs to burn out. This is why, for dimmer installation, we use the absolute best dimmers switches from manufacturers that value reliability and longevity in their products. You can be sure that anything we install on your walls will last and perform the way it should.


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Sometimes little things can make a huge difference in how a space looks and feels. Having plenty of powerpoints where you need them is invaluable to those who use many devices every day. The same applies to switches and the convenience of having them in the right place or using dimmers to alter the space’s look.

If you would like to know more about how Calibre Connect can help you with all of your powerpoint, switch, and dimmer needs, give us a call and set up a free consultation.



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Kurt Sfiligoi


Marc and his team always do a fantastic job. They are unafraid to give you straight answers and recommend options, allowing you to have complete confidence that they are thinking about all possible outcomes. Work is done efficiently and effectively, with an outstanding final product. I will not hesitate to use Calibre Connect again in the future!
Maxim Consalvi


Many thanks to Calibre Connect team for doing a series of electrical odd jobs around our apartment. The guys were super clean and very careful/considerate to our apartments furnishing. Very much a no stress and high quality experience. Thanks Marc!

Elise Giallonardo


We had Calibre Connect do all of the electrical work associated with our kitchen renovation and we were incredibly pleased with the result! Marc was a pleasure to deal with throughout the whole process and he worked around our time schedule which was a big help. Honest, hard working, efficient and knowledgeable. We’ll definitely use Calibre Connect for future work. Thank you!