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Tiger Tail Installation Sydney – A Quick Overview

A professional Level 2 Electrician is in charge of installing and repairing tiger tails ONLY when working on behalf of an energy operator such as Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy. In most cases, you want to give Ausgrid or Endeavour Energy a call and they will handle the job.

Tiger tails are synthetic tubes that are used to alert workers to the presence of a live overhead powerline. With level 2 electricians qualified to work on them, this visual notification of live wires helps people be more attentive.

What are Tiger Tails?

Tiger tails completely encircle a power line, indicating that there are live power lines nearby. They are usually yellow and black in color and are clipped together above electrical lines. The clipped-on tubes provide short electrical isolation as well as mechanical protection. They are designed to be durable and visible to nearby workers such as tree cutters and crane operators.

Tiger Tails’ Limitations

Tiger tails are only employed as a kind of warning and do not:

  • Insulate the overhead wires to which they are clipped
  • Reduce safe approach distances, implying that people must still be cautious around wires even if tiger tails are installed
  • Protect individuals from shock or electrocution because they do not provide additional insulation
  • Allow workers to work closer to electricity wires.

Who is qualified to work on Tiger Tails?

Tiger tails can only be worked on by an electrical network operator like Ausgrid or through a fully qualified level 2 ASP electrician that is working on behalf of an energy operator. Because overhead powerlines are extremely dangerous, only accredited professionals are permitted to work with tiger tails. The level 2 electrician knows how to securely manipulate the wires, whether repairing or installing them. It is critical that an unskilled expert avoids working with tiger tails and remains clear of overhead powerlines.

Tiger Tail Distribution Mains Installation Service

The licensed level 2 electrician must be able to work with larger powerlines in order to install tiger tails into properties. The cables that go from pole to pole along the roadway are known as distribution mains. On the same pole, there could be several distinct cables and lines. The higher voltage lines are moved closer to the top when this happens.

  • Low-voltage telecommunications – the lowest line is normally the telecommunications line, which is typically thicker in size. Tiger tails are commonly used since they are the lowest line and people are aware that a powerline is above them. Because these cables are simpler to reach, tiger tails are generally easier to install.
  • Low Voltage Power – these cables, which are normally four individual wires or all four connected together, provide power to the area around structures. Tiger tails can help people perceive these lines better because they are thinner when they are not conjoined.
  • Low Voltage Street Light Conductors — Because the wires are so small, tiger tails are used to power street lights. The energy authority needs to be notified if tiger tails are to be installed on powerlines.
  • High Voltage Lines — Three high-voltage main lines are positioned as high as possible. Because these powerlines are so high on the pole, they are exceedingly dangerous. Because tiger tails are harmful, they cannot be mounted on these lines.

Service Mains – Tiger Tail Installation Service

The cables that connect a pole to a property are known as service mains. They usually have four primary lines that are separated or all together. Only a level 2 electrician can work on the Point of Attachment, where each wire will connect to the building. Tails can be attached on these wires for increased safety, and rubber insulation is occasionally added as well.

  • Low Voltage Communications – Telecommunications can be the wire that runs from a pole to a building. Tiger tails are generally more easier to place on these poles because they are lower on the pole. Because the telecommunications line can be thin at times, the stories must be of the proper weight. Because of their accessibility, installing the tails can be inexpensive and time-consuming.
  • Low-voltage power lines — these are the wires that supply electricity to the building. Rubber insulation and tails can be attached from the pole to the building via the point of attachment.

Service for Tiger Tails

To disconnect, remove, and reconnect all tails from a location, a level 2 electrician is required. Level 2 electricians are licensed to operate regardless of where they are located, what wires they are working with, or whether they are working on a service main or distribution main. The electrician will replace the current tiger tails if they are broken, falling off, or too heavy for the wires. Replacing them is straightforward, but removing them necessitates the use of safety precautions.

There is a substantial risk of electrocution or electrical shock if an unskilled individual attempts to remove the tiger tails. Other electrical difficulties may arise as a result of improper handling of the cables. This is why a level 2 electrician is the only person who can fix a tiger tail effectively and safely.

Reliable Tiger Tail Services

Give Endeavour Energy or Ausgrid a call today and they will give you more information on the installation of tiger tails or temporary line covers. Tiger tails have a limited life and will need to be replaced periodically if they are going to be left in a place for extended periods.

If you need a dependable level 2 ASP electrician to do any work such as electrical meter installations, 3-phase upgrades, private power installs, or electrical defect notices, give Calibre Connect a call today on (02) 8898 0200!

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