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Thermotouch 7.6iG Glass Programmable Thermostat

For a gorgeous modern digital underfloor heating thermostat that offers you great versatile control over your underfloor heating, choose this product. With its easy to use buttons, advanced floor and ambient temperature sensors and its unique 7 day 6 event schedule capability, you are able to program your specific heating needs depended on your weekly schedule.


Technical Data

Size 85x115x46mm (26mm in wall)
Protection Rating IP30
Max Load 16A
Orientation Landscape
Colour 5220A: Ice White 5226A: Piano Black
Temperature Range 5 ~ 80°C (0.5°C increments)
Sensor rating NTC 10kΩ @ 25°C
Warranty 3yrs



Fully programmable

The Thermotouch 7.6iG Programmable Thermostat features a 7 day, 6 event heating schedule with 6 heating events on the weekend.


Portrait or landscape mounting

A portrait backing plate comes standard with the Thermotouch 7.6iG. You can, however, purchase a landscape mounting plate if necessary.


Sensor mode

To offer total control over your heating system, Thermotouch 7.6iG comes with a floor sensor probe and the option of employing an ambient sensor.


Manual mode

Thermotouch 7.6iG also has a simple manual mode that allows you to control the temperature of your underfloor heating manually.

Stock No. Size Colour Stock Status Action
5220A W85 x H115 x D46mm (26mm in wall) White In Stock
5226A W85 x H115 x D46mm (26mm in wall) Black In Stock

Landscape Mounting Plates

Stock No. Description Size Colour Stock Status Action
5221 White Landscape Mounting Plate W115 x H86 x D5mm White In Stock
5223 Black Landscape Mounting Plate W115 x H86 x D5mm Black In Stock

The 5220A & 5226A come standard as portrait however the landscape mounting plates can be purchased to enable the thermostat to be mounted horizontally

Frequently Asked Questions

Although each circumstance is unique, it is recommended that you start by setting your underfloor heating to 24°C. Increase or lower the temperature after several days of testing to discover your comfort temperature. Please keep in mind that a 1°C drop in temperature may not have a significant impact on the comfort or warmth of the floor, but it can help to save operating expenses.

The length of time depends on your lifestyle, the system you're using, and the temperature you want to achieve.

A floor sensor is a small probe that is placed beneath the floor, in the space between two lengths of heating cable. This is connected to the thermostat and provides a precise temperature readout of the floor.

Yes! Thermogroup's Underfloor Heating Thermostats include a Floor Sensor as well as a 20mm flexible conduit to install the sensor in, making it easier to repair if necessary. The Floor Sensor and Conduit are located beneath the unit in your Thermostat box.

The installation of a conduit for the floor sensor is recommended so that if a floor sensor fails or the thermostat is upgraded, the floor sensor can be replaced without causing damage to the floor covering. If this is not possible, a second-floor sensor should be installed as a backup.

Yes, our Thermotouch 4.3dC dual control thermostat allows you to manage your underfloor heating and towel rail separately from a single controller.

No, you'll need an unique controller for each zone you want to have individual control over.

Yes, make sure your underfloor heating comes with a manual controller that can be connected to and controlled by your C-Bus system.

The electrician will need to connect mains electricity to the thermostat site before roughing in for our underfloor heating and controller. The electrician will next run two 20mm conduits from the thermostat position to the floor, one for the Underfloor Heating Cold Tail and the other for the Floor Sensor. Please see our Conduit Requirements pdf for more information and a graphic representation.