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Thermofoil 140W/M2 Heating Foil

Bring the luxury feeling of underfloor heating and the simplicity of an electric system to timber and carpet floors.

Thermofoil PRO is the most advanced electric under floor heating foil available today. Innovations such as our exposed cable loops and continuous earth protection ensure an easy installation and total safety.


Technical Data

Width 500mm
Thickness 2.5mm
Max. Temperature* 28°C *
Protection Rating IPX7
Warranty Lifetime
Wattage 140W/m2
Conductor Type Single Ended
Cold Tail Length 5m

* Regulated by floor sensing thermostat



Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of Thermonet Underfloor Heating cable that we provide a lifetime warranty on each system, as well as a three-year warranty on our thermostats.


Efficient heat exchange foil

Thermofoil PRO's second layer of foil is meant to shield the heating element while also distributing heat evenly to the floor above.


Easy cut and return installation

Thermogroup's product developments include the accessible cable loops. They allow for quick and easy cut-and-return installation while also preserving the heating element.


Continuous earth protection braid

Thermofoil PRO's continuous earth braid protection runs the length of the heating cable, ensuring electrical safety. It can also be used in the bathroom.


Minimal height build-up

The foil system is only 2.5mm thick, with a 4mm thick low-profile cold tail that may be hidden under the insulation.

Stock No. Size Area Output Resis.Ω Stock Status Action
121402 2 x 0.5m 1m2 140 W 337.9 Ω In Stock
121403 3 x 0.5m 1.5m2 210 W 251.9 Ω In Stock
121404 4 x 0.5m 2m2 280 W 188.9 Ω In Stock
121405 5 x 0.5m 2.5m2 350 W 151.1 Ω In Stock
121406 6 x 0.5m 3m2 420 W 126 Ω In Stock
121408 8 x 0.5m 4m2 560 W 94.5 Ω In Stock
121410 10 x 0.5m 5m2 700 W 75.6 Ω Low Stock
121412 12 x 0.5m 6m2 840 W 63 Ω In Stock
121414 14 x 0.5m 7m2 980 W 53.9 Ω In Stock
121416 16 x 0.5m 8m2 1120 W 47.2 Ω In Stock
121418 18 x 0.5m 9m2 1260 W 41.9 Ω Low Stock
121420 20 x 0.5m 10m2 1400 W 37.8 Ω In Stock
121424 24 x 0.5m 12m2 1680 W 31.5 Ω In Stock

Also available in kits including a Thermostat

Installation accessories

Stock No. Description Size Area Thickness Stock Status Action
5400 Econosoft Underlay 1.2 x 0.5m 6m2 5mm In Stock
5422 Econosoft Acoustic Barrier 15 x 1m 15m2 1.5mm In Stock
5415 Vapour Barrier N/A 20m2 Low Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're wondering which floor heating system is best for you or are overwhelmed by the numerous options and possibilities available, Thermogroup's online underfloor heating system picker tool can assist you in making the best choice. Our underfloor heating selector walks you through a simple four-step process to determine the best underfloor heating system for your specific application, as well as a list of all the products you'll need to complete the job, so you can rest assured that you'll have everything you need for installation. If you have any requirements that aren't covered by the tool, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss them.