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MG ChargeHub | 11KW

In order to give EV drivers control over their charging requirements, the MG ChargeHub is the best charging point solution for the home or workplace. The weather-resistant MG ChargeHub, which comes in 7KW single-phase and 11KW three-phase configurations, is compatible with all EVs that have a Type 2 charge port and gives the EV driver total control to manage their car charging demands.

Installing is simple. Simple to Reach Easy to Own Charges are entering a new age.

MG ChargeHub-front-white-bg
  • ChargeHub 11KW
  • C11030038
  • MG ChargeHub 11kW EV charger with Type 2 plug (silver)
  • (Professional installation required)

Optional accessories

Charge in any public car park with these great optional
accessory cables

  • C11030036
  • Type 2 ‘Rapid’ 22KW cable with MG carry bag.