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How to Change a Light Switch

We come in contact with a hundred distinct pieces in our homes every day. One of the most typical items you’ll come across on a daily basis is the light switch. Since light switches are among the items that are frequently used, they are constantly subjected to damage and wear and tear. Make sure to examine the light switches as part of your house maintenance. When they need to be replaced or changed, don’t be afraid to invest in newer switches that will last a long time.

Safely and effectively install your light switches. You may adjust a light switch in your home in various ways. Licensed electricians are available at all times. It’s usually a good idea to schedule a consultation with them because they are the experts on light switches in your home. Calibre Connect is always available to assist you in keeping your light switches in top condition. At the very least, you should not be concerned about your light switches for a long time.

How to Recognise a Faulty Light Switch

Some light switch malfunctions and damages are more visible than others. When they are most needed, many homes fail to repair, replace, or upgrade their switches.

Even if you know your 3-year-old light switch is still working correctly, it’s still a good idea to inspect it from time to time. Because light switches contain moving elements that can cause difficulties after prolonged usage, licensed service providers also inspect them.

Here are some primary signs you can look for to determine if the light switch needs to be replaced.

  • Malfunctioning light fixtures or light bulb
  • The light will not switch on, but the lightbulb is in good condition.
  • Circuit breaker nuisance tripping
  • A hissing or frying sound coming from the light switch

Is it legal in Australia for me to install a light switch

You can’t wire a light switch if you’re not a licensed electrician. Every state prohibits unlicensed electrical work. This is because working with household electricity is exceedingly risky and, if done incorrectly, can be lethal.

Things can get risky if you choose to alter the light switches on your own. Electrical mishaps can occur as a result of faulty light switches. Faulty switches can result in life-threatening electric shocks which might seriously put your health at risk or even worse. Never jeopardize your health and safety at home. Dealing with this on your own without the help of a professional will not only put your safety at risk but will also hurt your budget. You could have spent this money to hire an electrician and avoid the extra expenses.

Do-it-yourself light switch replacements may also cause issues. You are interrogated after leaving the hospital for doing illegal electrical work. Unlicensed electrical work can result in fines and penalties. According to NSW Fair Trading, New South Wales has harsh consequences for breaching the law. Unlicensed electrical work might result in penalties ranging from $22,000 to $110,000.

Before doing anything, always contact an electrical professional. It’s best to let the electricians handle something they’re familiar with. When electricity is mishandled, it can cause much more damage.

Seek the assistance of a qualified electrician

Calibre Connect will provide you with a no-obligation price for your switch replacement project. Our Sydney electricians will install and upgrade your light switches as well as provide emergency electrical repairs of the highest quality.

We’ve been serving Sydney for 12 years and take great care of you and your property. We are a group of professional and insured electricians who are accessible around the clock to serve you at your leisure.

Make an appointment with our helpful staff by calling (02) 8898 0200 or emailing us at info@calibreconnect.com.au.

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