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EO Mini Pro 3 Home Charger | 22kW

The EO Mini Pro 3 is a teeny, tiny device. It is incredibly clever and was created in the UK with the average electric vehicle driver in mind. Our home charger elevates functionality from the EO Mini Pro 3 and its predecessor by putting a strong emphasis on connectivity and dependability.

EO Mini Pro 3 Home Charger-front

Main Features

  • Size matters: Compact and ergonomic design, same size as an A5 notepad.
  • Small but powerful: Charging capacity of 22kW, perfect for overnight or high-speed charging.
  • Safe and reliable: Built-in power balancing preventing energy blackouts at home. 3-year warranty with option to extend.
  • Charge your car with sunshine: Connect to your solar panels using our solar functionalities.
  • Built-in PME: No need for earth rods with built in open PEN conductor protection (single-phase only).
  • Ready for any weather: IP54 certified and operates in -25°C temperatures. Safe indoor or outdoor installation.