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Electric Vehicle Tax in NSW: What You Need to Know


More and more people are opting for EVs as their primary mode of transportation due to the global trend towards greener modes of transportation. New South Wales (NSW) is planning to implement a road user charge, or EV tax, for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. In this piece, we will analyse the NSW Government’s EV strategy and its implications for EV drivers.

What is the NSW Government’s EV Strategy?

The Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy of the New South Wales (NSW) Government is an all-encompassing plan to promote the widespread adoption of EVs in the state. Among these are monetary incentives, investments in charging infrastructure, and funding for R&D.

The implementation of a road user charge for EVs is a crucial part of the strategy. The purpose of this fee is to ensure that electric vehicle owners pitch in for the upkeep of the state’s road system in the same way that owners of petrol or diesel vehicles do.

How Much Will EV Drivers Have to Pay?

When it comes to road user charges, electric vehicle drivers in New South Wales will pay roughly half as much as those who drive petrol or diesel-powered vehicles, per the state’s EV Strategy. Therefore, EV drivers will continue to benefit from cheaper charging costs compared to those who use conventional fuel.

On July 1, 2027, or when EVs account for 30% of all new vehicle sales, whichever comes first, a new road user charge will be implemented. Plug-in hybrid drivers will be charged 80% of the standard cost incurred by gas-powered vehicle drivers, while EV drivers will be charged 2.5 cents per kilometre.

The NSW Government provides an example, showing that fuel excise for petrol and diesel vehicles will amount to roughly $622 per year. As a result of the new road user charge, electric vehicle owners can expect to pay about $315 annually. While this is an unexpected cost, electric vehicle owners still save money compared to those who drive cars powered by traditional fuels.

Why is the EV Tax Necessary?

There has been debate over the implementation of the EV tax due to concerns that it will slow the market penetration of EVs. However, the New South Wales government insists the fee is essential to collect revenue for road maintenance from EV owners.

Fuel excise, which is collected from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles, is currently the primary source of funding for road maintenance. Road maintenance could face a shortfall in funding as the number of electric vehicles on the road increases and fuel excise revenue decreases.

The goal of the EV tax is to fill this funding gap and ensure that all motorists in the state pay their fair share towards maintaining the road system. Further, the EV tax will be used to fund the expansion of charging stations and other initiatives that encourage the widespread use of electric vehicles.

What does the public think about it?

There has been some pushback against New South Wales’s new electric vehicle tax, but the rationale behind the measure should not be overlooked. Keeping everyone accountable for their share of road maintenance costs, including the installation of an EV charger, is crucial as the number of people opting for electric vehicles continues to rise. The EV tax may seem like an unnecessary cost, but it’s a small price to pay for all the advantages of EVs. We should welcome the EV tax as a positive development towards a greener tomorrow.

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