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ABB Terra94 DC Fast Charger | 90kW

The Combined Charging Standard (CCS2) or CHadEMO connector-equipped vehicles can conveniently and quickly charge at the Terra94 connected charging station. It can quickly charge electric vehicles with a voltage level of up to 920V for CCS or up to 500V for CHadEMO thanks to its 90 kilowatts of charging capability.

ABB Terra DC Fast Charger Up to 180kW

Main Features

One car can be charged at a maximum of 90 kW per outlet with the Terra94.

  • 90kW (max) HV DC output power
  • CCS2 or CHadEMO or both
  • CCS2: Voltage 200-920VDC max. 200A
  • Standard cable length 3.9m (upgrade to 6m w/ cable management available)
  • Power available to only one CCS2 outlet at a time
  • 7” daylight readable LCD touch screen
  • RFID reader enables RFID Authentication functionality.
  • ISO 14443 A + B to part 4 and ISO/IEC 15693 Mifare, NFC, Calypso, Ultralight, PayPass, HID
  • Temperature: -35 degC to +55 degC (de-rating characteristics apply)
  • Cabinet size: 565 x 880 x 1900 mm
  • IP54, powder coated stainless steel housing
  • Support of OCPP interface
  • Ethernet & 4G modem communications
    • Max Rated Input Current & Power
    •  Voltage: 400 VAC +/- 10% (50 Hz)
    •  Current: 187A (128kVA)
    •  PF >0.96
    • THDi <5%