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Vario Pro Combined Underfloor Heating and Uncoupling System

Vario PRO is the fast and easy way to create a warm, comfortable floor that’s protected from tile delamination and cracks.
Vario PRO is the professional combined underfloor heating and uncoupling solution for tiled floors. The rapid track installation is simple and quick, and it results in a long-lasting floor.


Why do I need an uncoupling layer?

Uncoupling-problem-and-solutionThe problem:
 All floors, especially newer ones, expand and contract in response to changes in the building’s temperature.
A floor tile’s expansion and contraction will typically differ from the tile adhesive and subfloor beneath it, resulting in fractured tiles and delamination (tiles coming away from the floor).

The solution:
Using a layer of Vario PRO uncoupling membrane to neutralize the stress between the tiled surface and the subfloor helps to prevent cracks and delamination. Vario PRO is unable to protect against damage caused by sheer movement.

Technical Data

Thickness 5.5mm
Max. Temperature* 28°C *
Protection Rating IP68
Warranty Lifetime
Wattage 195W/m2 **
Conductor Type Single Ended
Cold Tail Length 5m

*Regulated by floor sensing thermostat
**Based on installing the cable at two dimple spacing



Underfloor Heating

Vario ProMat is a fast track solution that combines electric underfloor heating and an uncoupling membrane in one package.


Uncoupling layer

The tension created by variable rates of expansion and contraction in a tiled floor is neutralized by Vario ProMat. The risk of tile delamination and cracking is reduced as a result.


Superior vapour management

The studs in the Vario ProMat efficiently allow water vapour to escape. This implies you can save even more time by tiling over a partially cured base.


Easy waterproofing

Vario ProMat is completely waterproof, and you can quickly and simply construct a wetroom by sealing edges and penetrations using Vario PRO sealing tape.


Efficient load distribution

For floors with a layer of Vario PRO, heavy loads are no problem. The load is transferred to the subfloor via the stud structure, which eliminates the chance of cracks.

Stock No. Length Area Output Resis.Ω Stock Status Action
109012 12m 0.8m2 150 W 352.7 Ω Low Stock
109018 18m 1.2m2 225 W 235.1 Ω Low Stock
109025 25m 1.6m2 300 W 176.3 Ω Low Stock
109031 31m 2.1m2 375 W 141.1 Ω Low Stock
109037 37m 2.6m2 450 W 117.6 Ω Low Stock
109050 50m 3.2m2 600 W 88.2 Ω Low Stock
109062 61m 3.9m2 750 W 70.5 Ω Low Stock
109075 75m 4.8m2 900 W 58.8 Ω Low Stock
109100 100m 6.4m2 1200 W 44.1 Ω Low Stock
109125 125m 8m2 1500 W 35.3 Ω Low Stock
109150 150m 9.6m2 1800 W 29.4 Ω Low Stock
109200 200m 12.8m2 2400 W 22 Ω Low Stock

Remember to order your chosen heating cable, a thermostat and enough Vario ProMat for your floor!

Installation accessories

Stock No. Description Size Area Resis.Ω Stock Status Action
109500 Vario ProMat Uncoupling Membrane 15 x 1m 15m2 N/A In Stock
109505 Vario ProMat Uncoupling Membrane 5 x 1m 5m2 N/A Low Stock
109510 Vario PRO Sealing Tape 10m N/A N/A In Stock

Frequently Asked Questions

Between the tiles and the substrate is an uncoupling membrane that minimizes tension between the two layers.

All floors, especially new ones, expand and contract when the temperature changes. The substrate and a conventional floor tile expand and contract at different rates, resulting in fractured tiles and delamination. The uncoupling layer neutralises the stress between the substrate and the tiles and helps to prevent cracks and delamination.

All of Thermogroup's underfloor heating systems are appropriate for installation in the shower area if the shower floor is tiled (not a shower base) like the rest of the bathroom floor.

The cable features an IP68 rating for ingress protection and a continuous earth braid that runs the length of the cable. This guarantees that the cable is safe if it comes into contact with water and gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event that the installation is damaged. We recommend that you do not turn off the heating system in the shower area for added safety.

If you're wondering which floor heating system is best for you or are overwhelmed by the numerous options and possibilities available, Thermogroup's online underfloor heating system picker tool can assist you in making the best choice. Our underfloor heating selector walks you through a simple four-step process to determine the best underfloor heating system for your specific application, as well as a list of all the products you'll need to complete the job, so you can rest assured that you'll have everything you need for installation. If you have any requirements that aren't covered by the tool, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss them.

The electrician will need to connect mains electricity to the thermostat site before roughing in for our underfloor heating and controller. The electrician will next run two 20mm conduits from the thermostat position to the floor, one for the Underfloor Heating Cold Tail and the other for the Floor Sensor. Please see our Conduit Requirements pdf for more information and a graphic representation.