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Vario Loose Wire Cable and Fixing Tape

Vario is a typical underfloor heating cable kit that is meant to be installed in tight spaces.

The most sophisticated electric underfloor heating cable available is included in the Vario cable kits, as well as our innovative attaching strip, which is meant to speed up installation and save time on site.


Safe, simple and reliable

Inside and out, Thermonet underfloor heating cables have a strong fluoropolymer coating, a continuous armoured earth sheath, and multi-shrand twin conductors.

The conductors are twisted together to remove electromagnetic fields (EMF) and to neutralize the cable’s stress, expansion, and contractions along its entire length, resulting in a more durable and long-lasting cable.

Technical Data

Thickness 3.5mm
Max. temperature* 28°C *
Protection Rating IP68
Warranty Lifetime on cable
Conductor Type Singe Ended
Cold Tail Length 5m

* Regulated by floor sensing thermostat



Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of Vario Underfloor Heating cable that we provide a lifetime warranty on each system, as well as a three-year warranty on our thermostats.


Variable output underfloor heating

You may place the heating wires yourself with Vario cable to achieve a desired layout and heat output per m2.


Advanced TwistedTwin heating cable

Our innovative TwistedTwin heating cables are one-of-a-kind; you can get thinner cables, but not better quality.


Strong bond to the substrate

The adhesive in the Vario fastening strip is a high-grab, pressure-activated adhesive that attaches to the substrate and heating cable permanently.


Ideal for irregular shaped areas

The layout is completely adaptable and may be tailored to fit around furniture and equipment in small or oddly shaped spaces.


Pre measured cable spacing

The Vario fastening strip comes with pre-measured 10mm cable spacing marks that save you time by eliminating the need to measure and mark your substrate.

Stock No. Length Area Output Resis.Ω Stock Status Action
102202T 14m 1.0 - 1.5m2 185 W 286 Ω Low Stock
102203T 22m 1.5 - 2.0m2 300 W 176 Ω In Stock
102204T 33m 2.0 - 2.8m2 450 W 118 Ω In Stock
102206T 44m 3.0 - 4.5m2 600 W 88 Ω In Stock
102208T 55m 4.5 - 5.8m2 750 W 71 Ω In Stock
102210T 66m 6.0 - 7.5m2 900 W 59 Ω In Stock
102212T 86m 7.5 - 9.0m2 1200 W 44 Ω In Stock
102215T 110m 9.0 - 11.0m2 1500 W 35 Ω Low Stock
102218T 132m 11.0 - 13.0m2 1800 W 29 Ω In Stock
102221T 154m 13.0 - 15.0m2 2100 W 25 Ω In Stock
102224T 176m 15.0 - 18.0m2 2400 W 22 Ω Low Stock

Also available in kits excluding a Thermostat

Frequently Asked Questions

Loose wire is ideal for tight spaces since it is simple to position and work around fixtures. In big open rooms, however, a matting system is suggested since it is faster and easier to install, and because the heating cable is already pre-spaced on the matting, there is less danger of uneven heating across the room.

90mm is the appropriate space between heating cables. The minimum and maximum cable spacings are 40mm and 110mm, respectively. Use the following method to figure out how far apart your cables should be:
Available Floor Space (m²) × 100 ⁄ Cable Kit Length (m) = Cable Spacing (cm)

All of Thermogroup's underfloor heating systems are appropriate for installation in the shower area if the shower floor is tiled (not a shower base) like the rest of the bathroom floor.

The cable features an IP68 rating for ingress protection and a continuous earth braid that runs the length of the cable. This guarantees that the cable is safe if it comes into contact with water and gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event that the installation is damaged. We recommend that you do not turn off the heating system in the shower area for added safety.

Underfloor heating cable must be coated with a cement-based substance and cannot be used in voids. As long as the shower seat is tiled to match the rest of the bathroom and all cables are covered with a cement-based flexible tile glue, installing heating on a shower seat is entirely safe.

If you're wondering which floor heating system is best for you or are overwhelmed by the numerous options and possibilities available, Thermogroup's online underfloor heating system picker tool can assist you in making the best choice. Our underfloor heating selector walks you through a simple four-step process to determine the best underfloor heating system for your specific application, as well as a list of all the products you'll need to complete the job, so you can rest assured that you'll have everything you need for installation. If you have any requirements that aren't covered by the tool, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss them.

It is advised that the floor heating be installed over the waterproofing to ensure a completely watertight substrate. An in screed system can be installed before the waterproofing in a screed application where the waterproofing is on top of the screed.

The electrician will need to connect mains electricity to the thermostat site before roughing in for our underfloor heating and controller. The electrician will next run two 20mm conduits from the thermostat position to the floor, one for the Underfloor Heating Cold Tail and the other for the Floor Sensor. Please see our Conduit Requirements pdf for more information and a graphic representation.