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Thermonet 150W/M2 Heating Mat

Thermonet features 3.5mm TwistedTwin cable, self-adhesive mesh and our low-profile cold tail connection cable. These features make up what we call LayFlat Technology because this combination neutralises tension in the finished product and makes Thermonet easier to fit.


Safe, simple and reliable

Inside and out, Thermonet underfloor heating cables have a strong fluoropolymer coating, a continuous armoured earth sheath, and multi-shrand twin conductors.

The conductors are twisted together to remove electromagnetic fields (EMF) and to neutralize the cable’s stress, expansion, and contractions along its entire length, resulting in a more durable and long-lasting cable.

Technical Data

Width 500mm
Heated width 430mm
Max. thickness 3.5mm
Max. temperature* 28°C *
Protection Rating IP68
Warranty Lifetime on heating mat and 3 years on thermostat​
Wattage 150W/m2
Conductor Type Singe Ended
Cold Tail Length 5m

* Regulated by floor sensing thermostat



Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of our German-made Thermonet Underfloor Heating that we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our systems, as well as a 3-year warranty on our thermostats.


TwistedTwin cable construction

The stress-free cable structure results in a heating cable that lasts longer and has no electromagnetic field (Zero EMF).


Full self adhesive mesh

Thermonet is installed wire-side-down which means the heating cable is protected from damage during installation by the hard wearing mesh layer.


Heating cable protection

Thermonet is put wire-side-down, which protects the heating cable from harm during installation.


Minimal height build-up

Thermonet is easy to install thanks to revolutionary extrusion methods that give true "laid flat" technology. The matting system is only 3.5mm thick, with a 4mm thick low-profile cold tail that is usually hidden under the tile adhesive layer.

Stock No. Size Area Output Resis.Ω Stock Status Action
111502 2 x 0.5m 1m2 150 W 353 Ω In Stock
111503 3 x 0.5m 1.5m2 225 W 235 Ω In Stock
111504 4 x 0.5m 2m2 300 W 176 Ω In Stock
111505 5 x 0.5m 2.5m2 375 W 141 Ω In Stock
111506 6 x 0.5m 3m2 450 W 118 Ω In Stock
111507 7 x 0.5m 3.5m2 525 W 101 Ω In Stock
111508 8 x 0.5m 4m2 600 W 88 Ω In Stock
111509 9 x 0.5m 4.5m2 675 W 78 Ω In Stock
111510 10 x 0.5m 5m2 750 W 71 Ω In Stock
111512 12 x 0.5m 6m2 900 W 59 Ω In Stock
111514 14 x 0.5m 7m2 1050 W 50 Ω In Stock
111516 16 x 0.5m 8m2 1200 W 44 Ω In Stock
111518 18 x 0.5m 9m2 1350 W 39 Ω In Stock
111520 20 x 0.5m 10m2 1500 W 35 Ω In Stock
111524 24 x 0.5m 12m2 1800 W 29 Ω In Stock
111528 28 x 0.5m 14m2 2100 W 25 Ω In Stock
111532 32 x 0.5m 16m2 2400 W 22 Ω In Stock

Also available in kits including a Thermostat

Frequently Asked Questions

Thermonet 150W is intended for use above the screed, in the tile adhesive alone. It can be installed in screeds up to 20mm thick, but screeds thicker than 20mm require an In Screed Heating system like our Thermonet 200W.

It is advised that the floor heating be installed over the waterproofing to ensure a completely watertight substrate. An in screed system can be installed before the waterproofing in a screed application where the waterproofing is on top of the screed.

All of Thermogroup's underfloor heating systems are appropriate for installation in the shower area, as long as the shower floor is tiled (not a shower base) like the rest of the bathroom floor.

The cable has an IP68 rating with a continuous earth braid along the length of it. This guarantees that the cable is safe if it comes into contact with water, as well as providing you with peace of mind in the unlikely event that the installation is damaged. We recommend that the heating system in the shower area not be turned off for further safety.

Underfloor heating cable must be coated with a cement-based substance and cannot be used in voids. As long as the shower seat is tiled to match the rest of the bathroom and all cables are covered with a cement-based flexible tile glue, installing heating on a shower seat is entirely safe.

The self-adhesive matting system includes all of the heating wires pre-spaced, making installation faster and easier than with a loose wire system. Pre-spacing the heating cables also guarantees that the heating does not become spotty, as it does with slack wire.

If you're wondering which floor heating system is best for you or are overwhelmed by the many options and offerings available, Thermogroup's online underfloor heating system picker tool can assist you in making the best choice. Our underfloor heating picker walks you through a four-step process to choose the best underfloor heating system for your specific application, as well as a list of all the products you'll need to complete the project, so you can be assured that you'll have everything you need for installation. If you have any needs that aren't covered by the tool, please contact us to talk about them.

The wattage per square metre and the purpose for which they are utilized are the only differences between Thermonet 150W and Thermonet 200W. The Thermonet 150W is designed to be set directly beneath tile in the tile adhesive, whereas the Thermonet 200W is designed to be installed beneath a screed because the increased wattage makes it more successful at heating through this screed. Please see our article on which system is more effective for a more detailed comparison, or use our Heating System Selector to decide which system is best for your application.

The electrician will need to connect mains electricity to the thermostat site before roughing in for our underfloor heating and controller. The electrician will next run two 20mm conduits from the thermostat position to the floor, one for the Underfloor Heating Cold Tail and the other for the Floor Sensor. Please see our Conduit Requirements pdf for more information and a graphic representation.