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In screed heating is one of the most innovative types of heating available to Sydney homeowners today. This heating solution, ideal as whole-house heating for overall all-year-round warmth or as comfort heating to keep your floors warm, is energy-efficient, easy-to-install and maintain, and minimalistic in keeping with modern décor trends.

Electric under-floor heating comes in three distinct installation types:

  • Under-floor heater mats
  • In-slab under-floor heating
  • In-screed under-floor heating

At Calibre Connect, we specialize in the installation of all three under-floor heating systems. In-screed under-floor heating, in particular, is ideal for a new bathroom, shower, and master en-suite renovation, typically installed below stone, travertine, and stone.

The Benefits of In-Screed Heating Systems

In-screed under-floor heating is a versatile heating solution for residential homes, where traditional heating systems are not adequate or appropriate. These systems use flexible twin cable technology enabling easy installation within various home areas, including stairs, wet areas, tight-fit areas, and round rooms.

The many advantages of in-screed under-floor heating include:

  • Durability: Because the screed cables are within the sand and cement bed, there is a low risk of damage during tiling and afterwards.
  • Low-maintenance: Once installed, the screed cable requires almost no maintenance, which means more prolonged, even, and affordable whole-home heating for you.
  • Fast warming times: These heating systems can reach a set temperature in 1-2 hours, depending on the thickness of the screed.
  • Precise heating: Digital thermostat control delivers precise and energy-efficient heating.
  • Superior heat output: In-screed cable has a superior and evenly-distributed heat output depending on the screed cable spacing. Calibre Connect’s electricians will help you select the correct cable spacing and length for your particular heating area.
  • Versatility: These heating systems are suitable for most floor coverings, including stone, tile, graphite, natural stone, and travertine. These heating systems also come with cold tail leads to be connected to programmable thermostat controls in various lengths to cater to all types of installation requirements.

In Screed Heating Installation Sydney

All under-floor heating in-screed cable systems we install use 6mm-thick, Teflon-coated, 18 – 20W lineal/metre screed cable.

The process of installation is straightforward:

  • First, our floor installers will ensure the subfloor is clean and free of debris that might damage the heating system.
  • Next, the team will calculate the cable spacing based on the heating area and the length of the in-screed heater. This stage of the installation process includes planning the heater layout before fixing the screed cable to ensure it will fit into the space available.
  • The screed cable is then put in place by fixing rails nailed into the subfloor. These are secured to the mesh by gluing, taping, or cable ties.
  • Once completed, electricians will test the under-floor heating in-screed system at low temperatures to ensure everything is connected correctly. This stage is crucial as cranking the in-screed heating system up to full heat too fast can cause damage.

The simplicity of the installation process and the heating system’s energy efficiency make in-screed heating a popular choice with many Sydney residential and commercial property owners. These innovative systems deliver supreme cost-savings, too, enhanced by green energy systems such as geothermal heat pumps.

To learn more about getting in-screed under-floor heating in Sydney, get in touch with our team of friendly experts to explore your options.

Need In Screed Electric Under-Floor Heating in Sydney? Get in Touch Today!

Calibre Connect, Sydney’s best local electrician, offers energy-efficient and high-quality electric in-screed under-floor heating in Sydney and its suburbs.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a whole-home heating upgrade or have an extensive residential development in need of in-screed under-floor heating property-wide, we can complete your entire installation completely hassle-free.

Our underfloor heating cables are Australian Electrical Standards AS3000 certified. We also offer a 1-year thermostat controller warranty and a 2-year heating element warranty on all new installations. And to top it all off, our team of highly skilled and experienced installers and electricians guarantee

  • Up-front Pricing
  • No-mess Work
  • Courteous, Professional Advice
  • Prompt Service

Contact Calibre Connect to install your in-screed electric under-floor heating in Sydney. We guarantee you’ll enjoy this energy- and cost-efficient heating solution that puts the ultimate finishing touch to your home renovation! Call us on (02) 8898 0200 to schedule a consultation.

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