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Smoke Alarm Installation

19 Nov

Smoke Alarm Installation

Smoke alarms are life-saving devices that provide benefits for occupants. They detect smoke well before any sleeping occupant would and provide critical seconds to implement actions to save life and property.

Smoke alarms are designed to detect fire smoke and emit a loud and distinctive sound to alert occupants of potential danger.

Photoelectric smoke alarms see smoke and will alert you early, so you can escape. Photoelectric smoke alarms, also known as optical or photo-optical, detect visible particles of combustion.

They respond to a wide range of fires, but are particularly responsive to smouldering fires and the dense smoke given off by foam-filled furnishings or overheated PVC wiring.


  • Good for smouldering fire and dense smoke
  • Not as prone to cooking nuisance alarms
  • Contain no radioactive material
  • Suitable for general use

Fire & Rescue NSW is encouraging residents to aim for a higher

level of protection by installing interconnected smoke alarms in every bedroom, living space

(including hallways and stairways) and even the garage in their home.

With interconnected alarms, you will be alerted no matter where you are, or where the fire starts.

Smoke alarms save lives, so keep you and your family safe. Our Electricians can install smoke alarms for you today.

Where do I install them?

In addition to the minimum requirement of one smoke alarm per level, Fire & Rescue NSW research recommends installing smoke alarms in all bedrooms and living spaces(including hallways and stairways) and even the garage.

  • Avoid fitting smoke alarms in or near your kitchen or bathroom.
  • The ideal position is on the ceiling between sleeping and living areas.

How do I install them?

  • Hard-wired smoke alarms must be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Always install smoke alarms in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

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